Monday, February 5, 2007

I'm still searching around for the CD of my most recent digital illustrations, which concerns me, but not too much. My priority right now is finishing up my final for both my Max/MSP class, Electronic Knick-Knacks", as well as the final for my Digitalia .
The concept is to simulate nature; one part using a high technology, Max/MSP, as well as low technology, fabric and materials bought at AC Moore's, in an attempt to obtain a higher understanding for it's form. In the instance of the high technology, I have summed up the form of a clam into a delicate equation ... similarly I have minimized peacock feathers to simple coordinate decisions. I'm doing math, which is refreshing and something I never thought I'd do here at RISD.

Here are some photos from the AC Moore part. I have a ways to go before it starts resembling a forest, but it's a fun process.

Updates coming up.

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