Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Star Wars

Here's the newest portfolio piece. It still has some things to be worked out, but once again I'm going with this ink/acrylic painting/mono printing photoshop collage technique. I'm thinking of replacing the princess with a princess Leia from an old Star Wars comic I found at the Rhode Island Mall (Jennie and I stopped by chance to see if we could get our photos taken with a supposed Leprecon, but as it turned out, you had to BRING a Leprecon, AKA a baby, which we lucky don't have).

I also feel that the monoprinting in it is a bit understated ... I really wanted to have it be a main part of the piece.

I'll run it by Robert tommorrow and get feedback. Night everyone.

Oh yeah, and here's some process paintings that didn't make the final cut. (Sigh)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Promotional piece

I'm designing a postcard to send out to magazines, newspapers and potential clients. This is a "first draft". I'm going to add gouache text for (which I SERIOUSLY need to update, geez!).

Check it out...

The circles on the right are going to be tennis balls. So ... yeah ... text and tennis balls and I'm going to turn it in as assingnment.

Here's hoping.

March Gallery

Well, my senior show came and went. I was too busy running around and socializing to take photos by myself, but fortunately my mom was there to step in. There aren't too many great photos of "Bad Guy", one of my favorite pieces, but I'm going to start putting up my portfolio pieces up here anyway.


More updates coming up.