Friday, January 16, 2009

Ugh ... day 3 of not being able to eat anything other than bread, rice and Pepto-Bismol. This blows! Think of all the things I could have gotten done!

Here's a Valentine illustration done recently for Southern RI magazine ... if you'll notice, I used a very bright "opera" pink that scanned out white; a good note to myself I suppose.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Hello friends, fans, true believers and family! Jack Turnbull reporting from my green dungeon at the corners of Bushwick and Ridgewood. I wish you all a happy new year and I think I speak for just about everyone when I say "see you in hell 2008". What a rollercoaster, huh? ... I've never refreshed CNN, Drudge Report and the New York Times website so much. At least we have someone who can speak English properly in office whose heart is in the right place, right?

Before I continue the small chat, above are two illustrations I've done for the best art director in the world, Allison Cole ... the Ocean State Swordfish Burger and holiday pies! Next up: wine and chocolate.

I brought in the New Years in style at Austins ... covered in Champagne and confetti. I intend to celebrate each day because it's been a whole year here in New York City and I finally feel I am in a confident, comfortable mental state to let my creative juices flow.

Above is a page of Issue #0 of "Siafu of Bushwick", a prelude to my new comic book saga. I am going to apply for a Xeric Grant with this and if I don't win it ... I'm just going to put it out myself.

You can get a copy of it at Desert Island of the Lorimer stop on the L train, at Potion Cafe Saturday the 10th for Morgan Blair's opening that I'll be DJing Hypomixes. Here's an awesome interview with Morgan. She is awesome.

By the way ... I just want to quote Morgan from this interview because I share a similar sentiment ... even if there is no money, there is passion and hope.

SZ: What's coming up in 2009?
MB: Obama, and a weird feeling of optimism. Hopefully snow. New shoes. I have a show called HELLO BUSHWICK at AKA Potion Cafe at the McKibbin Lofts in Brooklyn. The opening is next Saturday, January 10th (7 - 9pm). I've been working on a series of new pieces about converging triangles (Venn-Diamond-Gram!), so those will be there along with some other work. I will also have a couple small pieces in the OCHO group show in Barcelona, which will go from March to May 2009, and there's a massive book as part of the same project that I will be featured in along with all the other participating artists. I'm beyond excited about that. That's all I can think of... oh yeah I've been doing drawings for the Newport Mercury and I'm still looking for a stupid part-time job. But hopefully I can just freelance a lot more.

View more of Morgan's work at, and if you're in NYC, go check out her show on Saturday.