Sunday, November 11, 2007

I've been hanging out in the woods a lot.

Once again, need new scanner.

Listening to Battles. This sounds like it's from the future. I think they're a bunch of time travelers from an optimistic 2439 ... where subtraction is the new addition and respect is used as currency. Everything's free and someone resembling Jean Luc Picard is prime minister of the Earth League Alliance (or ELA).

Shout out to CF's new book POWR MASTRS. I've been following his zines for a while and this long awaited book is the most intriguing and unique comic I have seen in a long while. He is a solitary voice and an individual power ... in a school of his own, making it Ok to make comics with a pencil.

I don't think this guy even owns a computer.

So no excuses for the rest of us, Ok? Follow your fucking dreams.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Pre Thanksgiving art

Hmm ... so if I'm ever going to look legit online I think I'm going to have to plead for a new scanner and a personal photography assistant for Christmas. My scanner, while it was free in the Brown University dumpster, is really meant for sending faxes and printing out term papers. It's not meant for large scale illustrations.

And while 4.0 mega pixels on a camera sounds impressive, it doesn't do too well when attempting to show detail in painting.

But I suppose the important thing is that the artwork is done and is in existence.

I am working on a new comic which will be a series of short stories in a final collection called
"A Town Called Orange". Each issue will have a painted cover that will be color photocopied. The first story is about space exploration in the suburbs. I'm trying to make the Twilight Zone for Kids ... a surrealist's view of suburbs. The next story is about a boy with a talking guitar ... an all night video arcade by the coast ... the champion of Candlepin Bowling ... and feeling abandon and escape while deep sea fishing.

This will probably be the end my comics being set in suburbs. Once they are completed, I think it's time to move on.