Thursday, February 1, 2007

I think I have this blog thing down now. Truth be told, I'm still working out the kinks; I have no blog friends just yet, haven't really posted any photos, etc., etc., but let's put it this way, logging in is a breeze.

Somehow the aesthetic and design of this forum is so classy, I feel as if posts can only and should only be career/art oriented (plus just neat finds on the internet here and there). So that's what it'll be.

I'll update you with what's gone on. I did an illustration for OPM, the glass gallery downtown. A real quick job for easy money, but fun none the less. My client wanted a parody of those Charles Atlas ads from back in the day. Being very familiar with Charles Atlas the illustration was a walk in the park. Let's see if I can find the work ... it's on a CD somewhere in my room ... oh yeah! Here it is ...

Hmmm ... can't seem to find them. Must be in my studio down the street. I'll show them next post.

In the meantime, here are my Max/MSP screen shots. I worked for a good solid four hours getting the stills JUST right in order to make these pyschodelic clams. Making art with Max and Jitter is making me actually enjoy math. Pretty crazy.

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