Tuesday, August 14, 2007

End of Summer Update

Hey Bloggers,

I've been pretty busy this summer ... and NOT just making sandwiches.

I've started a series of portrait paintings of people of not much personal significance; people I see on the street, imaginary people and the like. I've also gotten a huge illustration assignment to illustrate 12 greeting cards for WYO-Cowgirl.

I made some samples of what the product could look like. My art director and I have talked about it and they'll be changed, but this work is still worthy I believe on posting here.

I'm slowly drifting into a polished style. I don't think I'm fully there just yet, but progress is gradually being made.

I will post paintings when I get back to Providence (in a couple days, I've been home dealing with family matters).

I'll be on the cover of Watershed this fall!

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