Monday, May 14, 2007

Working on a new piece and adapting a more painterly style. I am using Acrlya gouche and oils and applying it to board in a manner similar to Rebecca Guay, who came to RISD a few weeks ago to do a painting demonstration. Here it is ...


Alison said...

Jack, I like that one. The full, rounded effect is made light and buoyant with this technique. And the realistic street scene is completely subverted by the unexpected natural elements.
Clearly, you are brilliant, if I do say so myself.
Yr Aunt A

pjT said...

Hi J:

This is exciting! There is depth and weight to this one and you're handling the guache well. Stick with it. I need a title to help me understand the reindeer, but then, that's me! Feet of clay.

And of course you are brilliant. We all say so.